Higher Structures 2011

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Higher Structures in mathematics and physics 2011


November 28 - December 2, 2011, in the room "Maximum" of Mathematisches Institut, Georg-August-Universitiät Göttingen, Germany




Anton Alekseev, Chenchang Zhu

Scientific Committee

  • Alberto Cattaneo (Zürich)
  • Ezra Getzler (Northwestern)
  • Kenji Fukaya (Kyoto)
  • Peter Teichner (Bonn)

Conference Speakers



09:00 - 10:00 REGISTRATION// Coffee(9:30--10:00)
10:00 - 10:50 Getzler Higher analytic stacks
11:10-12:00 Vallette The minimal model of the Batalin-Vilkovisky operad
12:00-2:00 lunch
2:00-2:50 Arias Abad The A-infinity de-Rham theorem and Reidemeister torsion
2:50-3:20 coffee
3:20-4:10 Severa On quantization of Lie quasi-bialgebras
4:20-5:10 Willwacher Operadic twisting and Deligne's conjecture


9:30 - 10:20 Fukaya When and how much Lagrangian Floer theory determine Gromov-Witten invariant
10:20-10:50 coffee
10:50-11:40 Schreiber Infinity-Chern-Simons theory (slides)
11:50-12:40 Rogers Higher geometric quantization (slides)
12:40-2:40 lunch
2:40-3:30 Waldorf Lifting problems and Non-Abelian Gerbes
3:30-4:00 coffee
4:00-4:50 Mnev One-dimensional Chern-Simons theory and its deformations
5:00-5:50 Morton Groupoidification and Khovanov's Categorification of the Heisenberg Algebra


9:30 - 10:20 Mackenzie Multiple Lie theory
10:20-10:50 coffee
10:50-11:40 Meyer Desingularisation of non-Hausdorff groupoids
11:50-12:40 Crainic Lie pseudogroups: reading Cartan
12:40-2:40 lunch
2:40-3:30 Douglas Field theory and fusion categories
3:30-4:00 coffee
4:00-4:50 Henriques Three-tier CFTs
5:00-5:50 Runkel Centres of algebras and two-dimensional field theory


9:30 - 10:20 Rehren Tensor categories and 2-categories in local quantum field theory
10:20-10:40 coffee
10:40-11:30 Prat-Walron Differential K-Theory via Euclidean Field Theories
11:40-12:30 Han Equivariant Cohomology via Gauged Field Theories
12:30-2:10 lunch/group photo
2:10-3:00 Redden Geometric string structures and trivializations
3:15-4:15 Teichner Field Theories as Generalized Cocycles
4:15-4:45 Math Department Coffee
4:45-5:45 Stroppel Fractional Euler characteristics and categorified knot invariants
8:00 conference dinner


9:30 - 10:20 Bunke Differential algebraic K-Theory
10:20-10:50 coffee
10:50-11:40 Huerta A categorified supergroup for string theory
11:40-12:30 Cattaneo Classical and quantum Lagrangian field theories with boundaries
12:40- lunch and walking tour of Göttingen (Gauss's tomb, Riemann's apartment, etc.)

Practical Information

  • Getting to Göttingen: Göttingen is connected by train to many major cities in Germany. The train station in Göttingen is located immediately to the west of the Altstadt (old town center). Taxis are located behind the train station outside the exit closest to Gates 10/11.
  • Getting around Göttingen: Most destinations can be reached by foot from the hotels and the conference venue. The Göttingen bus system is run by the GöVB, see maps and schedules here. Bus Lines #3, #4 and #5 connect Hotel Novostar and Hotel Leine with the Math Institute area. Guests in Novostar should access the bus at the Gotteslager stop (located outside of the hotel) while guests in Leine should access the bus at the Posthof stop (also a short walk along the main street from the hotel). If taking the #3 and #5, all guests should deboard the bus at Kornmarkt stop (near the intersection of Kornmarkt and Gronerstr.) from there it is a short walk down Nikolaistr. to the Math Institute. If taking the #4, guests should deboard at the Nikolaistr. stop and walk south along Nikolaistr. to the Math Institute. The bus fare is 2 euros per trip. Tickets are available for purchase from the driver.
  • Conference venue and Hotels: All talks will take place in the Mathematisches Institut Georg-August-Universitiät Göttingen. The conference dinner will take place at the Rathauskeller (Bullerjahn). See an interactive map with the hotels and conference venue.
  • Other points of interest: Many of Göttingen's attractions and restaurants lie within the Altstadt, see an interactive map with a selection of different dinning options.


  • In order to reimburse travel expenses original tickets are needed. If tickets are needed for the journey back, we will first make a copy of them while you are here. You can send the originals to us when you are back home.
  • The registration deadline is extended to October 15th. Please contact Frau Rebecca Willhardt, +49 (0)551 39 7691 for registration. Limited funds are available, in particular for phd students and postdocs. If you wish to be covered (lodging/travel) please indicate it in the registration.
  • Bookings of hotel rooms should be coordinated by Ms Willhardt.
  • Please notice that the registration fee for all participants amounts to 20 Euro. You will pay it at the beginning of the conference.

Previous Workshops

List of Participants

1 Alekseev

2 Angulo

3 Arias Abad

4 Bellier

5 Bohle

6 Brochier

7 Bunke

8 Carchedi

9 Cattaneo

10 Crainic

11 Davidovich

12 Davydenkova

13 Dehling

14 Douglas

15 Drummond

16 Dumitrescu

17 Fiorenza

18 Frégier

19 Fukaya

20 Getzler

21 Han

22 Henriques

23 Huerta

24 Ilieva

25 Jotz

26 Konter

27 Kosmann-Schwarzbach

28 Lean

29 Li

30 Lombardi

31 Mackenzie

32 Meyer

33 Mnev

34 Morton

35 Naumann

36 Nikolaus

37 Pan

38 Pavlov

39 Pennig

40 Podkopaeva

41 Prat-Waldron

42 Redden

43 Rehren

44 Richter

45 Rogers

46 Roytenberg

47 Runkel

48 Sakai

49 Salazar

50 Saneblidze

51 Santoso

52 Schick

53 Schreiber

54 Severa

55 Stefanini

56 Stroppel

57 Teichner

58 Trentinaglia

59 Trova

60 Ueckerdt

61 Valette

62 Waldorf

63 Willwacher

64 Wockel

65 Yudilevich

66 Zambon

67 Zhu

68 Zusmanovich

69 Blohmann

70 Wasserman